New and Improved

New and Improved

Hi everyone, this is the second official post for this blog. My name is HPuterpop, I’ll be helping out around here for a while. You’ll soon notice new things around every corner; come back daily for more!

6 thoughts on “New and Improved

  1. HPuterpop! Guess What? You know your latest post on the PHB? I found more info! SharkGuyCreator1 changed his outfit!! He has the orange shark outfit, grey hair, and the fish handheld. GREY HAIR. He is maturing!! 😛 Also, Creator-wise, GG (gamerguycreator1) changed his outfit COMPLETELY, and Dr.Hare finished Atlantis first. Somethings up…. Also the fish icon rune from Lunar Colony is on a Daily Pop for Atlantis Island. (I know it is for atlantis because of tubes, fish, and underwater :P) That is all 🙂 If u wanna chat, I am on the PPNC now. 😀

    • lolz I just realized maybe the guy who works at pop under shark boy is retiring and or getting old so they r doing that to honor him or maye theey are celebrating his bday

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