Hi Gs,

You may have noticed that the header and theme and background has been changing from time to time…


I want to make the blog look it’s best!  The current header is my most recent and probably favorite one, what do you think about it? Tell me in the comments below. 😉

Also, the mysterious carnival (ok, totally not mysterious) is confirmed — the next and probably most villainous island ever, Monster Carnival Island, is coming next month!  The info page is now out, with some awesome backgrounds, and some plot elements we’ve been yearning for. Check it out here:


New Area Spotted!

Hello everyone, recently a strange carnival has been spotted! Officers will start investigating the area starting early February.

Update: A poster was found on a fence nearby. Here it is:
Monster Carnival
If you see any suspicious activity around the premise, please contact us immediately.

Strange and mutated creatures are rumored to lurk in this area…


Heyz, it’s me, I’m Nameless. You may know me from !Poptropican Awesomeness! or Super Thunder’s Blog, but  I’m joining this blog to help out Squeezy Wing and HPuterpop, and I hope you guys will like me here 😉 I’ll be posting Poptropica Updates, possible Blog updates, Island Guides, and some art too if the Central Artist (HP) doesn’t mind 😛

So, I’m Nameless, and my main username is private, but you can friend my two other accounts, tessmariahgio and facebook3622 😉

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