The Introduction of a Cuddly Lion

cuddly lion

Hey-o, everyone! Some of you might know me from the PTFP, or the PHB, or PAw, but I am a proud Wildfire who has spent five anda half years playing Poptropica. I am an author, an artist, and a cartoonist. *MOM! DOES SLEEPING COUNT AS A SPORT?* *NO!* *WELL I THINK IT IS!!!!* and also a sleeping gold medalist. I’ll try to comment as often as I can, and I’m glad I have the opportunity to work for this awesomesauce blog.


15 thoughts on “The Introduction of a Cuddly Lion

  1. The network chat thing never sends anything I write so here’s what I’ve been trying to say: “Peeps please don’t insult TOTI. TNA and TOTI are both good. I’m a writer myself and I say TNA is creative with a deeper plot and different story ark. TOTI is creative with more action and suspense. No one knows what’s gonna happen yet so how can anyone say its cliche?? O.o And its not very nice to insult people behind their back… What if I did that with TNA? What I’m trying to say is that they are both WONDERFUL stories and its not ok to insult people behind their backs. *wipes off sweat* thank you.

    • Gf and I weren’t talking behind cl’s back. CL and I have talked about it. We think toti is great, or at least I do. I was just telling gf how lately it seems everyone is more interested in toti than TNA….

      ~~ BWAHAHAHAH (signature)


      • Ok that’s good. Sorry about my rant… I just have to get my feelings out! I’m glad everything’s ok now. And TNA is appreciated! I’ve been reading it! I accidentally read chap 10 first and it was really intense and cliffhanger-y so I tried to read it from the begging ing but chap 2 was gone… I still am reading it 🙂 Your stories are both AWESOME and they inspired me to write my own poptropica fan-fic! ✏Monslivs3

      • Thanks 🙂 I was just making sure everyone understands… I do like TOTI, it’s epic. When I say cliche, I really just mean some little pieces of it were expected… Like breaking up with his girlfriend and stuff, ya know?

        And don’t sweat, I do the same thing, but I get a little ‘louder’ with it when I do 😛 But understand, I was doing the same thing… I was telling my friend how I felt…… 😉

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