Mysterious Outbreak

There have been recent reports of an outbreak consisting of a handheld. If anyone knows an identification code to the “iPad” ipadhandheld, please alert the police. Thank you.

-Darth Lizard


47 thoughts on “Mysterious Outbreak

  1. Also, DL…this is kind of using the PPN for your own benefit. It’s obvious you’re just using it to get stuff. And the PPN isn’t about that kind of thing.

      • Okay, just saying, I want you to watch this kind of stuff. As long as you don’t everything will be fine. :mrgreen:

      • I can’t lie, I seriously want this too…but it’s probably better just to search it or something. 😉

      • I’m not going to say anything, I don’t want to fight, but I just want to point out to others that you did on my blog.

        He only joined so he could get the passwords to my secret pages, and find out a CEG…

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • I’m done. That is what you told me. “If I join *** will you tell me the CEG? And can I know the passwords of the Stash?” -_-

        I’m sorry hp and squeezy, I’ll stop now….

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • I’m done, you can email me about it, but I’m not going to carry this out further on a good blog like this one.

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


    • I searched for the code and couldn’t find anything. Are you sure that there even is one? On the PHB it says that there is no code. 😕

      • There are two different codes — the rumored code that you enter in Poptropica to redeem a rare ipad handheld, and the code(s) that pertain to the contest. 😉
        The PHB is talking about the ipad handheld, while ours is about the contest. One kid has already found one of the codes, so keep searching! 😀

  2. I think I’ve figured it out…but I have to test it first. And I may or may not tell you… 😈

  3. DL, have you ever actually SEEN a player with an iPad other than the people running when you open Poptropica? Cause I just got it and nothing happened…BTW, we can’t play from our original accounts on there. 😡

  4. Woah lots of fighting! 😩 I’m a little skeptic there even IS a code for the iPad handheld. If there is…COOOOOOOL!!!!

  5. Hello People. I was strolling along zomberry, and I opened my inventory and was looking at the part of the back-pack where the tell the ads and it said “Pirate Fairy”and “POPTRPICA APP” mvp or whatever. I looked in my friends, sure enough, samwow5 and hputerpop had ipads! problem solved! except… when I try to go into ad spaces theres a weird glitch where it says “room not available” and sends me back to the map. and whenever there is an ad, its for Capri-Sun. Anybody have any ideas?

    • Nevermind… I have an ipad now. I found it sitting randomly on super power. friend me for proof:monslivs3 if you click spacebar while holding it, a Disney Infinity ball comes out that spawns a Disney Infinity guy. EX: Bob from the incredibles and Poncho from the lone ranger.

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