Well guys, the creators are “just about ready” to announce the winner and top ten winners of the CYODIC. They did not email me a thing saying in any way that I had won. 😥 Sorry if I sound a little conceited. My only hope is that they sent me a letter and I haven’t gotten it yet. So, please keep your fingers crossed for me and I will do the same for you. The post can be seen here. So, let’s all hope!

Sorry for the short post, but I slepeh.




35 thoughts on “THE SUSPENSE!

  1. CL- my feelings exactly!! When I saw this post I was all like, I didn’t get a call or an email… Please be in the mail!!! Lol I hope you win CL! My island was called Prowler and it was all futuristic and science like…

      • Mine was called Jurassic. This old man, Dr. Jurassic, his great times a thousand grandfather, a caveman, invented the sapshooter. He shot all the dinos with it and every gen. of Jurassics have watched them since then. But the part that Dr. Jurassic didn’t know was that on his deathbed, the caveman had asked his son to shoot him with the sap too. To sustain his life. Then Dr. Jurassic found him in the secret underground chamber where they hid the dinos and got so upset that he smashed it with a hammer. But the caveman, disoriented from millions of years in there, smashed all the dino cages and ran away. Now 7 dinos are on the loose in the successful business district on Jurassic Island. You have to battle them all, and they get increasingly nasty each time. When they are defeated, you get them with the sap shooter. The final battle is the T. Rex, who is guarding a meadow and Dr. Jurassic. Get past him and he gives you the medallion. The bonus quest is to catch the caveman, and if you do, you get an awesome caveman outfit.

      • It’s 6:58 in the morning for me and I’ve been up for an hour and a half folding blankets O_O

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • Evry yr for my bday, my mom gets up at six and ties a bunch a balloons around my pillow while I sleeping.

      • That.. Would be….. AWESOME!!!! My mom wakes me up ad we go through the bear in the big blue house birthday song…. Every year… Tradition xD

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • Kewlz. 😉 But I can’t have a pool party this year, which stinks, they were LEGENDARY around my town. I moved into a bigger house, so no pool. 😦

      • I’m having a neon theme this year, and next year I want to have a skillet party, since it was too late to have this year xD

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • COOL ISLAND! you may have been in the top 50, because i flipped the image of the TOP 50 post, and their was a dino tail in the corner…

      • Thanks! When you first arrive on the island you hear a scream. The governess of the Island has lost her prize jewels. You go to the crime scene and nothing seems unusual except a large puddle of goo where the diamond was. Again, you hear a scream. A teenager lost the rare chemical she was using for her science project. Again, nothing is left behind but the goo. You go to Main Street and a scientist walks out. He tells you that he knows who the theif is. Long ago, he had a science partner. This science partner was working with him on a project, but it went wrong and he turned into a glob-like poptropican. This changed the wiring in his brain from good to evil. He became power hungry. He formed a group called O.O.Z.E.
        They are trying to get the two jewels they need, (hint governess jewel) and a special chemical (hint teen) to change back to normal and rule poptropica. You get trained by the scientist, form a trap/stakeout for the blob, and try to stop him. 🙂 I would tell more but I can’t spoil the ending! Hope you like!

      • Oh and also the scientist has the last diamond the blob needs o.O so you have to protect it… If the blob gets it things will get messy…

  2. When. Will. They. Post. Winners. Already! If anyone’s good at suspense it’s the creators!!! I wonder what kindav stuff was entered? And also my prowler island didnt win there’s like NO chance. I haven’t gotten a call or mail or anything. Can’t wait to see winners!

      • It’s been over a month since the “and then there was one” over 4 weeks since the “we are going to do winners in a few weeks” and over 2 weeks since the last time they said it was coming soon, “we are JUST ABOUT READY….” Sooooooo Looooong! Did you get a letter CL? I didn’t 😦 congrats to anyone who did 😀

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