Translations Have Recently Reached The Police…

Quick post here. Have you ever wondered what the robot says when you go into the jail on Astro-Knights? Or thought “What dat word mean?” when you see the sign with the latin words. Well, here.

Semper superne nitens: Always on top of his bent

01100010 01100001 01110010 01100100: bard

So, that’s it! CL-AWAY! *Pop*


~Agent Lion


16 thoughts on “Translations Have Recently Reached The Police…

  1. oh and also I was on MCI, and there was a glitch where my blimp was BEHIND the scenery, and my poptropican was invisible and flying. I could move around, I just couldn’t see myself. Sorry for being off-topic, I didn’t know where to ask.

  2. On Topic- Where is the Latin in AstroKnights? Off Topic-Hey Cuddly Lion- The MFBHB is getting super annoying… Is it an April Fools joke? cause its an awful long one. ive been reading all the comments. Gamer Guy stinks. (n00bs are getting OLD too.) CONGRATS! I cant believe you’re going 2 get a job there! 🙂 that’s like one of my dreams! I cant wait until you become a creator… Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll post on the CB!! 😀 So sorry for going off topic…

    • The Latin is on the sign when u first get on the island. And I personally know who is acting as GG. Don’t worry. And thx, being a creator is one of mine too. 😉

      • lol the way to get a lot of comments- change the entire blog with no given notice and have it run by a noob-caller with bad grammer. sit back…. 163 comments and counting! lol

  3. Do you know when all the MFB nonsense will end? I never really liked MFB anyway. I mean, I completed the Bucket Bot challenge, and I have to admit, It was a little fun- but I got over it quickly. All you do is kill bots… It starts out kinda fun, and then its just plain boring. DOWN WITH MFBHB! If this goes on much longer, there wont be anything to post about… And I think ive guessed who is posing as gamer guy…

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