Dr. Hare Gone Missing

Art - Dr. Hare

Hey everyone, SD here. There have been recent rumors about the suspicious actions of Dr. Hare. I wanted to try and put these rumors to rest, so I took a little trip around Poptropica to see if I could find him. Sadly, I got nothing. I visited the islands with the most sitings of him first (24 Carrot, Super Villain, even Reality TV and Dr. Hare’s Lair!). Somehow, he’s just managed to go off the grid without our knowledge. I tried hacking into any source of his I could find, but my computer has been acting kinda weird lately… I’m pretty worried, considering I have a generally top-grade PC.

Thankfully, we recently found a magazine that we suspect Dr. Hare has dropped, calledย Evil Monthly. Our team is currently looking over it.

If anyone has any information about Dr. Hare’s whereabouts, or his plans, please inform our department right away. We could use anything we can find.


P.S. Yeah, I know I kinda used a style of drawing that HP uses… whatever… ๐Ÿ˜›


7 thoughts on “Dr. Hare Gone Missing

  1. So has mine!! Oh and im SOOOOO sad about Dr.Hare! He’s my favorite villain of all time! I wish he was still on the blog.

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