Mythology SUI, Disappearing Apples, and wait… AVATAR STUDIO!

Greetings, pixelated people! The Mythology SUI, with updated soundtracks and a bigger screen, is now out for members! Click here to play the quest if you’re a member, sadly Non-members cannot play it just yet. If you’re in need of a guide, HP made a video walk through that you can view below. 🙂

Some new features on the new Mythology SUI is the slowed down River Styx (still just as hard, actually harder in SUI form), easier Red Eyed Snake game, which I still don’t know why is easier but just is, and they also added a new question in the Aphrodite quiz — Hint: the answer is Apollo. 😉

The item that we all love and know, Avatar Studio recently disappeared from the store. I assume they’re going to edit Shark Boy out and replace it with Dr. Hare, as they did with Daily Pop.


The Applebee Promocode costumes are both gone; the Applebees Glasses were already missing from the Glasses Costume, but now the apple is gone too! Credit to HCM for noticing the disappearance of The Applebees Costumes




The Winners: Part 2 (& answers to the contest!)

If you haven’t already read the first winners post, check it out to see if you won! 😀

  1. cheeseburger4567890 — Wins Tropical Sunglasses (& other stuff)
  2. MonslLivs3 — Wins Monkey Ears (& other stuff)
  3. Slippery Raptor — Wins Medallion Necklace (& other stuff)

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, we’ll be sending the account info to you soon!

Answers to the Contest

If you’ve been wondering what the answers to the contest were and where you could find them, first let’s look at the first segment of the contest. We didn’t have many correct entries for this because it was so hard to find, but sure enough its in the code — the source code!



After you scroll for a while, you’ll come across the html for the post itself. Secretly embedded are three codes to win the contest! Of course, the contest is over and if you enter nothing will happen. 😉



The second segment is simply finding all the goofs, and I’ve uncovered them all in the pictures below;

Thanks to everyone for participating! 😀


The Winners: Part 1

It’s been a wild ride over the past months — we’ve gained a staggering 5,000 hits (and counting), we’ve made tons of new pages, wrote fan fictions, and been overly creative. Thank you. 🙂

But who cares about that? Let’s announce the winners of the first part of the contest!!

  1. Thierry — Wins Mermaid Tail (& other stuff)
  2. Big Shark — Win Scared Mouth (& other stuff)
  3. Raqk — Wins No-Mouth (& other stuff)

Congrats to the winners, we’ll be sending the credentials to the accounts to their emails soon! 😀


Mythology SUI Coming Tomorrow


The new and improved Mythology Island will be available tomorrow for a one-week Early Access for Poptropica Members. It will open up to all next week.

Keep an eye on this blog — we’ll let you know the moment the updated Mythology Island is online!

avatar image

Yep that’s Crawfish for ya…

Please DO NOT Tell Anyone

Attention, civilization, attention…

I am not in a good position. Dr. Hare wants me and I don’t know why. PLEASE HIDE ME! I’m currently hiding out with a good friend from spy training, Dr. Spyglass. We have a long raging battle about who has the longer pointer…mine’s a pole vault but who cares.

Screenshot 2014-04-19 at 8.28.24 PM

Sometimes the pole goes into…bad spots. He jammed his pointer into my eyes o-never mind. Anyway, avoid Dr. Hare AT ALL COSTS! And please hide me…I have a feeling there’s more behind the pink bunny suit.

~Agent Lion

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Hello, reporter Hog here. Welcome to the first edition of Digital Dispatch!


Recent Happenings

Mission Atlantis is the newest island on Poptropica. My membership expired so that’s about I can say on this. Other in news, explosive eggs have been sighted near PPN HQ — could this be Dr.Hare?

Poptropican of the Week

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…eggs, milk, bread — WHOOPS that’s my grocery list! Here it is…The poptropican of the week… And the award goes to…Monslivs3! Congratulations!  The runner up was Dr.Hare for being the first to complete MA Episode 1…but since he might have bombed us with eggs he couldn’t get the award. Monslivs3 is always active on the PPN and is always working to make Poptropica better and safer.

This concludes this weeks digital dispatch. P.S. tell me in the comments if these should be longer or shorter.

Spring Break

Hey guys,I don’t know about you guys but were I live it’s spring break.Maybe we should have an Easter party in a multi verse.Keep an eye out for Dr.Hare this is probably his favorite time of year.Also on the digital dispatch there will be a poptropican of the week so do something extraordinary and it just might be you.-BH p.s. my favorite part of Easter is either playing Poptropica or going on an Easter egg hunt. Tell me yours in the comments.