You’re Being Watched…

Hey guys, it’s CL! So, some of you might remember that brief period of time when the Ghillie Suit was available in the store, as the unnamed object card that never stopped loading. Now it’s named, and it’s back! You can see the original post by Black Widow here. Members, get it now! Not a member? Get membership here! I sound like a creator too. XD All for now, bai!




P.S. Has anyone else seen the PHB’s April Fools’ Day joke with Gamer Guy, turning it into the Mega Fighting Bots Help Blog? Some people are doubting that that’s an April Fools’ Day joke. The police are currently looking into it… o_O


14 thoughts on “You’re Being Watched…

    • They did pretty good…but I would think it’s a lot of trouble to go under a penname, share it with other people, and totally change the blog. o_O

      • yeah, they changed the name, background, files, colors, EVERYTHING, except they kept all their own posts. The comment bar said: Lets kick some bots!11!… and they added gamer guy as a blogger! CRAZY! is it true that they did a club penguin blog once?

  1. lol, to get a laugh read through the comments… you’ll find
    1. Tons of random n00b calling
    2. People who DONT KNOW THAT MFB WAS A RUSE FOR MOCKTROPICA and part of Mocktropica as a whole.
    3. people who thnk its an Aril fools joke/ people who don’t
    4. chaos and confusion
    5. people who claim to like GG then comment against him
    The list could go on…

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