Disney Infinity…?

Hey guys, quick post. YOU CAN NOW GET THE iPAD HANDHELD!!! The ad now has the iPad handheld on it. It’s on every island! Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture from Spy Island.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 at 4.02.29 PM

I look good… XD

But when you press spacebar, something strange happens. Your character will throw a pod-I paused the game just as I threw it and got this snapshot.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 at 3.56.47 PM

That little pod displays the logo for the popular game Disney Infinity. When it lands, it will either be a small statuette of Tonto or the Lone Ranger from (duh) The Lone Ranger. Maybe Poptropica will have a Disney show soon? Or a movie? That’d be awesome. But things might not be what they seem…

~Agent Lion


P.S. Do not move until after the figure has disappeared and the iPad has returned to your hand, or the iPad will not show up and you will have to go to another island. Just a warning.


67 thoughts on “Disney Infinity…?

  1. I just got mine a second ago… IT LOOKS SO GOOD! 😀 it looks better on u though! off-topica: can you visit my multi-verse? its AUU64. I really want to meet you in person. lol more like poptropican

  2. aah for some reason my computer keeps glitching on me 😦 thanks for coming!! ;D that made my day- no week!

  3. Thanks SOOOO MUCH CL! sorry my poptropican keeps freezing 😦 this is the best day of my poptropicans life!

    • Well, you’re excited. You may see me a little more…(watch the blog over the next week, you may see something…)

  4. it shows me and your dude keep standing there and blinking and im like AAAAH what should I do!

  5. that was SO FUN thanks! ;D you made my day/ week/ month maybe we can try again with a new code and see if it works… hope Im not wasting your time!

  6. my friends list says that u were on recently, do u by any chance happen to still be on? I made a new multiverse: AQW58. and if u can make it, GREAT! u can invite more people if u want 2

    • hey Nameless! yeah I know dat, but he was doing that for like 10 min. after a while his foot stopped tapping. he was just standing and blinking… O.o then he left 😦 im too boring

      • oh and if u r reading this nameless, Hi! Im Monslivs3! I hope we can be buddies 😀 oh and have u been reading this whole thread of comments? lol -Monslivs3

      • Hi, okie, and yes xD I’m following the comments and the posts of the blog 🙂

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • It’s not you, it really does that xD

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


      • lol, sorry Nameless! I bet your device kept beeping a bunch of times. my friend texts me a bunch of smiley emoticons in a row just to get my attention lol. YAY im glad we can be friends! lol I also just realized that basically none of the comments on this post have to do with the ipad handheld… oops my fault…

      • Actually to save internet data, I set email to only update on my phone when I refresh it manually.

        ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


  7. I don’t think Poptropica’s going to have a Disney show soon. When they had the Disney Infinity ad in Poptropica, one of the prizes were these little handheld toss balls and the actions when pressing spacebar is exactly the same as the iPad one now. I think it’s just a glitch. I could be wrong though 😉

  8. Aw man the network chat does NOT work for me. Nothing I put ever sends!! Ok so I was watching the live stream because I wanted to watch HP draw and for a bonus CL was gonna be there so I clicked the video. The drawing part was cool but I couldn’t tell who’s who. Was pixel the who was doing hash tag minion or was that CL? I’m pretty sure hash tag zebra was HP… And what is floam? Is it a version of flubber or is it an inside joke? I’m really confused…

    • Hashtag zebra was HP, hashtag minion was me (XD) and pixel didn’t show his face, he kept his camera off.

      • Ah ok. I was like really confused. I didn’t really get to watch the whole video but I wish I could. #minion… I love minions!! #minion would totally beat #zebra… Zebra dont stand a chance!!! #i-really-need-to-stop-ranting

  9. Hey CL, u asked me on PTfP if I knew where u got the plot twist idea and I knew straight away but it never submits my comments on there so I wanted to say here that it reminds me of the whole MCI thing and the ringmaster and the hypnotic monster thing, what really got me was how the Latin connects with the become your true selves thing. GREAT DISCRIPTIONS! I like the form! And those are great verbs u used! (Sorry I’m a writer)

  10. Oh and this is just something funny I noticed, in the PPN squad, two poptropican a are frowning, two are smirking/smiling, and 2 have no mouth. Lol (look at the welcome to the PPN sign) story I love small details that are really funny/strange/ironic/random

  11. I made u a pop portrait CL! I just don’t know how 2 give it 2 u… It’s really cool. It’s in ur norm outfit w the ropes and stuff. I wish u could see it! 😦 but that’s ok. And I think poptropica might have I DI ad coming soon and the whole DI ball was a glitch/leak

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