Yes! Finally!

It’s been decided, guys! The winners of the CYODIC will be announced tomorrow! I’m literally dancing right now!!!! So happy! Go to the PCB to see the post!!! I can’t put the link cos I’m on my phone but it’s on the side. Please wish me luck!!!



89 thoughts on “Yes! Finally!

  1. WOOO HOO! *parties mentally* OH MY GOSH IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! *crosses fingers and toes* Good Luck, CL! Im still hoping for little old prowler island, but my mom says if I didn’t get contacted it didn’t win. 😦 IM STILL SOOOOO EXCITED! IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER!

  2. Congrats to magic eagle for Arabian night island! THEY REVEALED THE WINNER! πŸ™‚ (too bad cheese prowler, and Jurassic didn’t make it though 😦 )

  3. hey are you almost to your house? and also if we chat on the PPNC others might see so u can delete our conversation when we are done

      • cool- hey guess what? nameless says that she might add ten more accounts into the raffle f we get 20 peeps into the contest!!! also she says if we do that, she MIGHT put a SUPER RARE account that was a former member in the drawing πŸ˜€


      • How about I email u tomorrow or I tell u who it is in the comments, u read it , and then click no for moderate so no one else can see

      • I thought it was happy because u said unpredictable and peeps said happy and be breaking up was predictable and cliche etc. and it ended quickly so I was like he wouldn’t put her in 4 no reason. And then I thought she might want revenge etc. and the parents dissapeared right after they broke up… You know maybe I’m looking to deep into this O.o lolz I’m just gonna wait and see πŸ˜‰

  4. Hey CL you said the badguy was unpredictable and I was just thinking and something clicked and I kinda wanna ask u if its correct secretly….

  5. YEAH! I won scary! πŸ™‚ maybe its because im the only one who entered O.o but still YEAH!!! have you sent the email yet? oh and p.s. is there anyway that you can add the link from the avatar studio cause my description is really terrible. O.o

  6. Yo CL wanna hold a multiverse costume party or costume contest party or a multiverse where everyone has to dress in sorta rare outfits etc. and we can invite ppl πŸ™‚ (if u have time)

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