Hello, reporter Hog here. Welcome to the first edition of Digital Dispatch!


Recent Happenings

Mission Atlantis is the newest island on Poptropica. My membership expired so that’s about I can say on this. Other in news, explosive eggs have been sighted near PPN HQ — could this be Dr.Hare?

Poptropican of the Week

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…eggs, milk, bread — WHOOPS that’s my grocery list! Here it is…The poptropican of the week… And the award goes to…Monslivs3! Congratulations!  The runner up was Dr.Hare for being the first to complete MA Episode 1…but since he might have bombed us with eggs he couldn’t get the award. Monslivs3 is always active on the PPN and is always working to make Poptropica better and safer.

This concludes this weeks digital dispatch. P.S. tell me in the comments if these should be longer or shorter.



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