Mythology SUI, Disappearing Apples, and wait… AVATAR STUDIO!

Greetings, pixelated people! The Mythology SUI, with updated soundtracks and a bigger screen, is now out for members! Click here to play the quest if you’re a member, sadly Non-members cannot play it just yet. If you’re in need of a guide, HP made a video walk through that you can view below. 🙂

Some new features on the new Mythology SUI is the slowed down River Styx (still just as hard, actually harder in SUI form), easier Red Eyed Snake game, which I still don’t know why is easier but just is, and they also added a new question in the Aphrodite quiz — Hint: the answer is Apollo. 😉

The item that we all love and know, Avatar Studio recently disappeared from the store. I assume they’re going to edit Shark Boy out and replace it with Dr. Hare, as they did with Daily Pop.


The Applebee Promocode costumes are both gone; the Applebees Glasses were already missing from the Glasses Costume, but now the apple is gone too! Credit to HCM for noticing the disappearance of The Applebees Costumes





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