Ringmasters.. Ghillie Suits.. and Birthday Costumes!

So alot of awesomeness is still in the store, If you haven’t noticed the ringmaster is still available in the store… RUN AND GRAB IT NOW c:




Copy Cat Virus Resolved

Hi Gs,

I am so very happy to announce that the PPN is back in action. We’ve had a rough past weeks dealing with the “copycat.exe” virus, but WordPress helped us out and we got the virus under control. There was something very strange, however, that was found when searching through the countless files to find the original copycat.exe — A sound clip featuring someone I think we all know…

The sound was glitched, but from the dialog, we know that it’s Dr. Hare. He’s going to unleash something… Was it copycat.exe? Or has he not yet released his full power? Only time will tell. 😦