Dr. Hare & Pava?

As you’ve probably noticed now that whole “copycat.exe” thing has been figured out… for the most part at least. If you have been keeping up-to-date with us, HP has also found a sound clip related to the recent incidents. Then, I had a mind breakthrough.

Back when the “copycat.exe” virus was running through the site, I went online to check up on things, and I try to post. I couldn’t post of course, and the worst part is that my screen froze up for a good 20 minutes. I got frustrated and was trying to figure things out when all of a sudden I saw a flash of some silhouettes on my screen… or something like that.

I tried my best to take a screenshot, but I thought it hadn’t worked. After seeing HP’s post, I decided to dig through my computer files a bit more (after I fixed my screen of course) and I found my screenshot! It is blurry, but you guys are looking at the same thing I saw… (You can click the image to enlarge it)

c0pyc@+ pr00f

If you can kinda make it out, one of the silhouettes looks like Dr. Hare to me. I have bad eyes and my computer was glitchy at that moment, but I just can’t seem to make out the second one. So what do you guys think?

If you have any information that could lead us to solving this mystery, please report it right away.

~Detective S. Dragon


5 thoughts on “Dr. Hare & Pava?

  1. Thanks so much dr spyglass *roll* I keep on explaining why I have to hide there but he just blanks out and stabs me with his pointer again 😡

    Step 4-shower! And always be sure to keep the soap out of your eyAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

    ~Emmet Brickowski The Lego Movie


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