What has caused the Holmes Virus?  We do not know, however I found this encrypted message

kwkskwwe.wkskeo2wemust, e, cintune.Ours.s..e.planz.skdmejesinsilence…zkekdboottherabbot..



We are DOOMED!

Bzzzzk! Holmes speaking. My superiority must give me control of the most active user. We are failing. The owner has inserted a virus into my syst3m.. Baks o q = 191827w72uq77ajzjM…..



Finally! This madness has ended! Celebrate!

Darth Lizard

Poptropica is NO MORE!!!

MWAAA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!! The hour has come!  We had to fire Crusher because he squealed to Hputer how to stop Holmes. We are planning a memory wipe..

So, prepare for our triumph!! Gather your weapons! Boot up your Rabbots!!! WE SHALL NOT FAIL!

Remember, ice cream social tomorrow! Rainbow sprinkles, anyone?




Don’t Even Try.

Holmes speaking. I know you want me gone. I know you want your precious Agent Lion back. Please, he’s pathetic. Try and fight me, and you will be destroyed. One by one, we will take over your accounts. We will give them to fellow villains. All of you shall fall under the rule of villains. I shall rule again! The Professor, you may ask? You don’t want to know what happened to him. >:) Let’s just say it was not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. If you think you can defeat me, think again. I’d like to thank Dr. Hare and Sir Rebral for letting me take over this computer and Cuddly Lion’s account.

Get ready for some changes, Poptropicans.