Poptropica Police Force – Cap-Boy and Puter-Boy

Chapter 1 Episode 1 – Breathe

New York City. The City that never sleeps. There are stories about this city. Some real, and some that just haven’t happened yet. I was talking waiting for HP to get me my coffee. Black with no sugar is how I like it. “What’s wrong, Cap-Boy?” the man himself asked. “Nothing.” I replied as I sipped my coffee staring into the distance. “You just seem a little off.” he said looking down. “I’m scared, Puter-Boy. For the first time in my life, I feel fear.” HP spit out his coffee. Light with extra sugar is how he liked it. He always seemed so… happy. “Spence, do you hear yourself? You’re the toughest guy I know. What’s got you so jumpy?” I was about to answer, until we heard gunshots. It came from the Poptropica Bank. It was Huge Bite! He was just a BOL! He was holding up the bank! It was a robbery. “Fruit loop didn’t even wear a mask.” Puter said in a funny tone. I grabbed the microphone. “Huge Bite, if you threaten to shoot any of the hostages, I will be forced to shoot.” HP grabbed the phone out of my hand. ‘Y-yea!” he said. Two shots rang out. One scream. A police car showed up. An older looking man walked out with a gun loaded in his hand. “Hello boys, this is our problem now.” Dizzy Fox they called him. “Detective Fox, what gives you the authori-” He caught me mid-sentence, showing off his PIA badge. He ran right into the bank. Is he a fool? He’s going to get himself killed! BOOM! BANG! POW! He walked of the bank with Huge Bite’s hands in cuffs. It ended up he accidentally fired his gun once and he shot it by accident again. Nobody was harmed. “How does he do it, Spencer?” Puter-Boy said out of jealousy and anger. I put my coffee cup on the car. I started walking away. ” I don’t know, Puters. I just don’t know.”





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