Poptropica Police Force – Cap Boy & Puter Boy

Chapter 1 – Episode 2

Crack! Thunder rumbled as rain hit the window. Smart Sinker and HP were sitting on the coach. “Hey Spencey Boi, pass me a Pepsi will ya?” Sinker said. “Sure”, I replied as I grabbed the soda out of the fridge. I tossed it to him. “Cap Boy, I was thinking about what you said last week.” Puter told me. “You said you felt fear. What do you mean?” I signaled them to follow me down the hallway to my room. I showed them the computer. “What is it?” SS asked. I opened up my email. It was a message from Holmes Zero. “What of it?” Puter said out loud. “He’s reformed his evil past.” I slapped HP on the back of the head. “What the email says, fruit loop.” It read: SO YOU FRUIT LOOPS THINK THAT YOU HAD THE LAST OF ME. WELL I’M BACK FOR GOOD. A MAN NAMED DR. JUPITER BAILED ME OUT. Your enemy, DR.HARE

“Son of a Big Mac!” Smart Sinker shouted, “How does he keep coming back?” “I’m more confused as to how he got his evil totem back.” I said. “What matters is we take his fuzzy, cuddly, adorable butt down!” Puter said to both of us. “We should alert the PIA!” I told them reaching for the phone. A creepy voice picked up. “Hello, Spencey Wencey calling?” I gulped. “Yea, its me. I tapped their phone lines. I hacked into their most wanted files too. Did some things. Doesn’t matter.” Puter rolled his eyes and grabbed the phone. “Listen, Buddy. You leave the world of Poptropica alone–or me and my friends here will.” “Okay bro, just shut up. I want something and I will do anything I can to have it. It was SS’s turn to grab the phone. “How are you STILL evil?” Dr.Hare giggled. “Hours of watching Barney on PBS Kids. Doesn’t matter. Anywhale lets get to what I want.”

What does Dr. Hare want? What’s up with Barney? Will HP get a girlfriend? (probably not) Will my wife file for full custody over the kids? Why am I even telling you this? Tune in to episode 3 of Cap Boy anddddd Puter Boy!!




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