Retiring, brah.

Yup. It’s time to retire.  Idk when I will return, but I’m going to find more active blogs to work at.. Who knows? I can land a job at the PHB! Ha ha! I wish…….. 😦

Darth Lizard, just learning about Hputer and his broken tablet. R.I.P, Drawing Tablet. You will be missed. 😦

Retiring. (Well, sort of.)

Hey guys, officer Captain Spencer here. I’m retiring from being a Poptropican Police officer. I need to move on and get some things in my life straightened out. I’m starting school and I can’t really handle 3 blogs at a time. So, I’ll still be on but posting only once a month. If you want to see me posting weekly, please follow: My Blog!

Whalebai. 🐳

Shots were fired.

I’m on vacation and haven’t been on in a while, and I noticed some strange stuff going on. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to take any sides, but I personally find this a very creative and fun blog to be on. Sorry this is a short post and no media, because I have no access to a computer and stuffs. Also, I’ve been mentioned on the PHB for the second time! Yahoo! It’s for my totally amazing Poptropica Lands Video, which you can check out here: well signing off of duty for now, bye!

System Upgrade

Greetings. Holmes Zero speaking, my processing chip needs formatting.. I mean, we has to say goodbye to Mr. Epic, as he was mocking us…

However, my databanks read that Pava looms in the systems. We are looking this over. System X, please terminate all traces of Mr. Epic and launch an APB for him.. bzzrkr.. geez, it’s a Monday again!! I.. BZZZK.. GLITCH.. ON MONDAYZ,, SGRRZK.

Holmes Zero


Sorry everyone, but I think I’m going to have to resign. Villain reports have been down lately, so I think you’ll be able to hold up without me. Heck, the villains just keep getting… weirder and weirder…

Anyway, I’m retiring from the force. Best of luck everyone.


Not Going!

I am not going bye bye! I’m staying, but I’m posting less. Because I still do not need more drama than we have at the moment..  I am sincerely sorry for my rage. I hope we can make amends and be friends.

I also want to dedicate some people.

Hputerpop, if it wasnt for you, I wouldn’t be standing here, posting this post.

Golden Fang, good friend and wonderfull person. While our friendship is in the form of a story, escalating to a roleplay, is still a friendship.

H.C.M, the person who hired me for my first Poptropica blogging job at the PopFlop.  I hope we cross paths again!

That’s all.. I guess..





Say Goodbye To An Agent

Hey guys, it’s CL. Look, this doesn’t mean anything against anyone here, but I’m leaving. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t really turn out as cool as I thought it would be, and now, no offense to DL, but really dude? A Barney virus? Come on. The blog’s getting…kind of dull. Sorry. HP, please remove me, as I can’t from my phone.

~CL’s last post