Cap Boy and Puter Boy: Season Finale Part 1

*This is the last episode of this mini-series. I’m planning to make another one and it’s going to be 300 billion glitchy cows times better than this one. -CS

Chapter 1 Episode 3


“It’s an invitation!” HP said as we looked at Holmes Zero’s email. “To what?” I asked HP. “It says if we reply yes, they will send a plane right over.” Who is they?? “Lets do it!” Smart Sinker said to Holmes Zero. “Right away, Miss Sinker.” HP almost smacked her. “Why did you do that? What if its some creep that eats Poptropicans?!” A helicopter was approaching. We all ran out to the deck. “Where exactly are we headed?” Captain asked. A stubborn voice replied. “I’m not authorized to ask any questions.” We were taken to a log cabin in the far depths of the forests. A security camera was staring at us. The door opened. A goofy voice said, “Come right in!” We were looking around. Must be a hunter. Dead animals all over. What smelled so rotten? “You are free to look around. I’m sure you have many questions. See me in the trophy room when you are all set.” HP, Sinker, and I all looked at each other. “My name is Buren. Myron Van Buren. I am a professional hunter. I love the game. It is my life. Why did I invite you here? Trust me, you will find out shortly. Will you all be willing to stay for the hunt in the morning?” Smart Sinker said, “Of course Mr.CreepyHunterGuy sir.” “C’monn!” HP and I said. “Very well! I will see you all at dinner!” Later that evening we went into the dining room. HP was devouring his steak. Sinker and I were trying to chew. Why did it taste so… strange? “Eat up, you need to be strong for the hunt!” I answered this time. “We will much rather go, Van.” I told him. “Nonsense! I am the best hunter in the world!” He slammed the table. “Good night.” He promptly left his seat. “This steak taste funny.” I said and my face slammed into the plate. HP poked my eye. “Wake up, fruit loop.” he told me. “What happened?” Smart Sinker smiled. “You kinda passed out last night.” I gulped. “What you mean to tell me is that its morning?” A knock was on the door. “Tally-ho!” “Time for the hunt!” He guided us out of the cabin. “What exactly are we hunting?” I asked Myron. “Oh, I see. You poor souls have misunderstood my intentions. The quarry for this hunt… is you!” “Frickin. Called it.” HP said. “What you speak of is murder!” I shouted. “I make it nice and fair. I supply you with weapons and a half hour head start. If you survive 24 hours, I will give you a ship back home.” We started slowly backing away. Myron Van Buren pulled out a horn. “The hunt… IS ON!!!”

pupterboyandcaptainboyTHE END


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