Holmes Ultra Episode 1

 Puterpop was coding Holmes Zero’s new software. He couldn’t risk getting another virus. “Here’s your coffee, HP.” Darth said handing him his medium coffee light and sweet. He took a long sip. “Thanks, Darth.” the tired poptropican said. Darth walked away slowly. Puterpop laid his coffee on the desk. SHWAMP! He accidentally bumped his coffee on Holmes. “NircvgvcpkjmqOircvgvcpkjmqWircvgvcpkjmqUPDATING… 44 45 53 54 4F 52 59: system online… system updated… VIRUS DETECTED” Holmes started to mutter. HP frantically hitting buttons on the keyboard. “Oh fruit loops, oh fruit loops, oh frui-” he was cut off by a proper british voice. “Hello chap, My name is Holmes Ultra! HP giggled. “Man, I was afraid you were going to get a virus or something. Well, glad you didn’t. In fact, you sound a lot cooler.” Holmes had an animated grin on his face. “Thank you, Puterpop. Yes, I do in fact have all the old memories of Holmes on hardware. I’m basically am him, just with added features. I even have Sudoko!” Puterpop’s mouth opened wide. “That. Is. Awesome. Oh, gotta go to the bathroom.” he skipped away. “Pathetic fool.” Ultra said. “What was that?” HP said curiously peering his head back in. “Nothing, sir.” Holmes replied. A spark came from his insides. A strange kind of light went into the wiring. “Time to take over the Poptropica Police Network! MWAHAHAHA!” 20140621-102929-37769284.jpg

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