Not Going!

I am not going bye bye! I’m staying, but I’m posting less. Because I still do not need more drama than we have at the moment..  I am sincerely sorry for my rage. I hope we can make amends and be friends.

I also want to dedicate some people.

Hputerpop, if it wasnt for you, I wouldn’t be standing here, posting this post.

Golden Fang, good friend and wonderfull person. While our friendship is in the form of a story, escalating to a roleplay, is still a friendship.

H.C.M, the person who hired me for my first Poptropica blogging job at the PopFlop.  I hope we cross paths again!

That’s all.. I guess..






8 thoughts on “Not Going!

  1. Please don’t bring CL into this. He doesn’t “hate” your creative spirit. He just didn’t like the Barney thing.

    And also, you can’t get over things, can you? You can’t let things go. You just HAD to make a big deal about it, by saying it on the chat and making a post about it. Oh, and is it’s now wrong for someone to state an opinion? No, it’s not. I can say whatever I want about this blog because it’s not yours (you act like it’s yours most of the time, to be honest). I understand this blog doesn’t have to be professional, but it has its limits. I mean, really? No offense, I’m not criticizing this blog or anything, but no one would like to see a Barney virus. That’s sorta childish if you ask me.

    And also, my “opinionated” statement still stands, because this is not your blog and that I can find proof from the archives. I have screenshots too.

    Sorry if I sound rude. Oh wait, I am, aren’t I? No, because I’m just saying my opinion

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