I did the #icebucketchallenge

Here a pic:

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First of all, sorry for not being active. I will continue to post more.

Co,siging out.


4 thoughts on “I did the #icebucketchallenge

  1. Hi. I just wanted to say this: The PPN started strong, with lots of followers and viewers and posts. I was a very active member in the community, and lets just say that everything was awesome. Then, posting became less frequent and I didn’t think anything of it, but then authors and authors and MORE authors quit. Almost every goodbye post said that they didn’t have anything to post about, and were bored. When they weren’t even removed from the PPN logo is when I noticed something was up. The person who made the blog (HP) was too busy with other blogs to even delete them off the logo. I too became bored. All the posts were irrelevant and other blogs had given me that info way before this one did. So I left. A couple of months later I came back, and realized that only Darth Lizard had posted since I was gone. All of his posts were irrelevant, crazed, and un-poptropica related ‘Barney Takeover posts.’ I of all people know that doing a barney takeover can be fun just as much as the next guy, but SERIOUSLY ON A POPTROPICA BLOG? Seriously unrelated and waste of time. After that CRAY-CRAY time of unrelated awful crazy posts, everyone left INCLUDING Darth Lizard: the one who started the mess. No veiwers, no bloggers, and I don’t even know if HPuterpop has even been on this blog for months. I’m just saying, This blog can either pick up where it left off, or it should be deleted. Just Saying.

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