Co Journal: Finding Poptropica and playing it

Well, First of readers I am going only do three journal.


Wanna know, how I start playing Poptropica. It started when I was seating down in computer lab at middle school which I was done doing my project,PowerPoint, and essay. Which in class I was first kid done in class and not knowing to do next. But it happen this girl next to who was done also done with her schoolwork noticed me that I was getting bored and not noticing what to do but she introduced me with this game called Poptropica. Which it was interesting so I decided to create an account which it was so I created an account which was named Red Dragon, then I forgot to save it ūüė¶ . But the next day I created one but it was a special that was a dummy and aslo lost but I decided to create another one but this time I remember to save and write down my pass and user. And where it was how Cool Octopus was created. Which the user for it is zama-air if you want to freind me. And when I finally remember to save and know how to login and explore Poptropica. It to me one week to figure it out.

This how I started playing


Wild West Island Outlaw Card is now gone from the Pop Store

Poptropica Police Network

Greeting Poptropicans, in the store of Poptropica  there was a card of The Wild West Outlaw. It is now gone from the store just like Magic Mirror. They used to have it back when the creators released Poptropica friends.

card now gone

This is now considered rare and if you are a girl reader it is also gone too.


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