Co Journal: Finding Poptropica and playing it

Well, First of readers I am going only do three journal.


Wanna know, how I start playing Poptropica. It started when I was seating down in computer lab at middle school which I was done doing my project,PowerPoint, and essay. Which in class I was first kid done in class and not knowing to do next. But it happen this girl next to who was done also done with her schoolwork noticed me that I was getting bored and not noticing what to do but she introduced me with this game called Poptropica. Which it was interesting so I decided to create an account which it was so I created an account which was named Red Dragon, then I forgot to save it 😦 . But the next day I created one but it was a special that was a dummy and aslo lost but I decided to create another one but this time I remember to save and write down my pass and user. And where it was how Cool Octopus was created. Which the user for it is zama-air if you want to freind me. And when I finally remember to save and know how to login and explore Poptropica. It to me one week to figure it out.

This how I started playing



3 thoughts on “Co Journal: Finding Poptropica and playing it

  1. guys i have to say something! Please,please,please post more! I really like this blog but theres barely any posts! PLS post more to make your number 1 fan happy!!!!!!

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