Pava and Dr. Hare Update

As most of you readers know, what seems to be a flash drive of Dr. Hare’s has been found. But a new crucial piece of information has surfaced about him. An anonymous reader sent us a bank account number. The bank account was owned by someone that currently does not exist, and we started investigating. After searching further, we were surprised at what we found: it turned out to be a fake account set up by Dr. Hare! We’re currently tracking him down at the moment. Everyone who isn’t searching for Dr. Hare is helping us get rid of Pava. Hopefully we will get rid of the virus within a couple of weeks to a month or so.

copycat.exe Virus Resolved

Hey rookies, as you may have noticed, the “copycat.exe” virus has been resolved! We are so happy that we can continue protecting the community. As a result of this virus patching, we had to re-post all of our past posts – please disregard them and delete them from your emails if you were subscribed. As we rebuild the site, please be patient. 🙂 Thank you, and you can catch up the happenings concerning the copycat virus here and here.


Suggestions for the Poptropica Police Network

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New Area Spotted!

Hello everyone, recently a strange carnival has been spotted! Officers will start investigating the area starting early February.

Update: A poster was found on a fence nearby. Here it is:
Monster Carnival
If you see any suspicious activity around the premise, please contact us immediately.

Strange and mutated creatures are rumored to lurk in this area…