Comment Policy

Please follow these rules while roaming and commenting on our site;

1. Please refrain from bad language.

You know what I mean. 😉

2. Keep on topic!

Try to stay Poptropica related but if needed you can always go to the Police Lounge. That means not to make a totally inappropriate comment in a recent post.  If you get carried away on a comment thread, don’t sweat it.

3. Don’t Spam or Flood

We like our site getting lots of comments; we don’t like the comments to be worthless!  That means no comments with just smiley faces, or obsessively using “lol” as the only thing in your comment.

4. Write so that other people can understand you!

If u cnt undrstnd wut ur sayng animor, that meens u need 2 yoos ur grammar!

Thanks for being an awesome viewer!

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