Holmes Ultra Episode 1

 Puterpop was coding Holmes Zero’s new software. He couldn’t risk getting another virus. “Here’s your coffee, HP.” Darth said handing him his medium coffee light and sweet. He took a long sip. “Thanks, Darth.” the tired poptropican said. Darth walked away slowly. Puterpop laid his coffee on the desk. SHWAMP! He accidentally bumped his coffee on Holmes. “NircvgvcpkjmqOircvgvcpkjmqWircvgvcpkjmqUPDATING… 44 45 53 54 4F 52 59: system online… system updated… VIRUS DETECTED” Holmes started to mutter. HP frantically hitting buttons on the keyboard. “Oh fruit loops, oh fruit loops, oh frui-” he was cut off by a proper british voice. “Hello chap, My name is Holmes Ultra! HP giggled. “Man, I was afraid you were going to get a virus or something. Well, glad you didn’t. In fact, you sound a lot cooler.” Holmes had an animated grin on his face. “Thank you, Puterpop. Yes, I do in fact have all the old memories of Holmes on hardware. I’m basically am him, just with added features. I even have Sudoko!” Puterpop’s mouth opened wide. “That. Is. Awesome. Oh, gotta go to the bathroom.” he skipped away. “Pathetic fool.” Ultra said. “What was that?” HP said curiously peering his head back in. “Nothing, sir.” Holmes replied. A spark came from his insides. A strange kind of light went into the wiring. “Time to take over the Poptropica Police Network! MWAHAHAHA!” 20140621-102929-37769284.jpg

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Chapter 1 – Episode 4

We were running what it felt like to be days. “WHAT DO WE DO CAP-BOY?!” Puter Boy said running beside me. I swallowed and felt the swiftness of the arrows almost hitting my skin. “I don’t know you fruit loop!” I said smacking him. “I wasn’t the one who put us into this mess!” smacking me back. “Well I can’t hit a girl!” As I was reaching to pull his hair. “GUYS! IN HERE!” Smart Sinker shouted. We jumped right and tumbled in to a cave. “Wow, guess your name is SMART Sinker for a reason, huh?” HP said. “Yea…” SS blushed. The leaves started to rustle. Van was looking around. He shouted into the sky. “If you can here me, Cap-Boy, Puter-Boy and the always necessary girl companion in these kinds of things, which you probably can, because it’s only been an hour and a half. I give you credit. Most don’t survive THIS long. Well anyways, I’ll give you a hint. Hunt. Hunt for your life.”  I whimpered as I pulled out the pistol. BANG! The human hunter snickered. It went into a tree. He turned towards the cave. “Guys. Dart left on 3…2…1… NOW!” HP said. We ran faster than ever. It had to be at least twelve hours. We had a few traps set.  All scraped and bloody. And hungry. Oh so very hungry. I felt him. He was headed towards us. They clearly felt it to. He started approaching in the distance. I grabbed HP’s arm. “Don’t move. He already made it through the first two traps. He approached us. “Hmmm. The ground feels kind of hollow.” he said twirling his mustache. He stomped on the ground and the pile of leaves fell. “It’s almost been 24 hours, you know. Finally, I have a challenge. Thank you.” I pulled out a bow and arrow I crafted from the trees and bear skin. “That is magnificent.” he said. THWIP! He pulled the arrow out of his unnecessary long hat. “I have a new deal. If you survive just three more hours, you can sleep in my bed tonight and there will be a ship at noon. Or of course, if you KILL me. Which no offense, I highly doubt.” Myron offered. “Deal.” we all said anonymously. “Ten minute head start, Tally-ho!” he said walking in another direction. We ran in to the far depths of the forest. Our knees were so scraped. My eyes were watering from the pain. BANG! It’s been ten minutes. There was a swishing of trees,bushes, and thorns behind us. “RUUUUUUUUUN!” I warned the others. We darted forwards not caring about the pain. We ran right out of the forest. I looked down and grabbed my legs to catch my breath. SS was crying. “Why are you cryi-” I looked up and realized it was a dead end. We looked down. Ocean. Obviously a death fall. “Hellloooo, my wonderfuls.” Buren said clapping his hands. I grabbed Puter Boy’s and Smart Sinker’s hands. “Lookie here, no way out.” he exclaimed pulling out a mustang pistol. “Under certain conditions, much like this, there is ALWAYS a way out.” I said tearing up. “What does that.. oh.” he said as we started leaning backwards. SPLASH! What a shame, Myron said.He walked back to his cabin and said hello to Winston. “How was the hunt, sir?” he asked politely. “S-suicide.” he said slamming the door behind him. “What a shame.” He said opening the windows. The curtains started shaking. We all jumped out together. “Surprise much?” HP asked him. “How did you?”  “Swam.” SS told him. “But that’s eight whole miles!” Van Buren shouted. How could you have-” I pulled slammed him against the wall. “Look at the clock, you goober psychopathic hunting moron.” I shouted at him. He looked at the clock. “2 hours and 52 minutes. Well, a deal is a deal. On guard!” SHWAM! We had never slept in a better bed, we thought.


Epilogue – HP and CS ending up becoming agents for the FBI. SS continued with her studies with blood analyzing.

Cap Boy and Puter Boy: Season Finale Part 1

*This is the last episode of this mini-series. I’m planning to make another one and it’s going to be 300 billion glitchy cows times better than this one. -CS

Chapter 1 Episode 3


“It’s an invitation!” HP said as we looked at Holmes Zero’s email. “To what?” I asked HP. “It says if we reply yes, they will send a plane right over.” Who is they?? “Lets do it!” Smart Sinker said to Holmes Zero. “Right away, Miss Sinker.” HP almost smacked her. “Why did you do that? What if its some creep that eats Poptropicans?!” A helicopter was approaching. We all ran out to the deck. “Where exactly are we headed?” Captain asked. A stubborn voice replied. “I’m not authorized to ask any questions.” We were taken to a log cabin in the far depths of the forests. A security camera was staring at us. The door opened. A goofy voice said, “Come right in!” We were looking around. Must be a hunter. Dead animals all over. What smelled so rotten? “You are free to look around. I’m sure you have many questions. See me in the trophy room when you are all set.” HP, Sinker, and I all looked at each other. “My name is Buren. Myron Van Buren. I am a professional hunter. I love the game. It is my life. Why did I invite you here? Trust me, you will find out shortly. Will you all be willing to stay for the hunt in the morning?” Smart Sinker said, “Of course Mr.CreepyHunterGuy sir.” “C’monn!” HP and I said. “Very well! I will see you all at dinner!” Later that evening we went into the dining room. HP was devouring his steak. Sinker and I were trying to chew. Why did it taste so… strange? “Eat up, you need to be strong for the hunt!” I answered this time. “We will much rather go, Van.” I told him. “Nonsense! I am the best hunter in the world!” He slammed the table. “Good night.” He promptly left his seat. “This steak taste funny.” I said and my face slammed into the plate. HP poked my eye. “Wake up, fruit loop.” he told me. “What happened?” Smart Sinker smiled. “You kinda passed out last night.” I gulped. “What you mean to tell me is that its morning?” A knock was on the door. “Tally-ho!” “Time for the hunt!” He guided us out of the cabin. “What exactly are we hunting?” I asked Myron. “Oh, I see. You poor souls have misunderstood my intentions. The quarry for this hunt… is you!” “Frickin. Called it.” HP said. “What you speak of is murder!” I shouted. “I make it nice and fair. I supply you with weapons and a half hour head start. If you survive 24 hours, I will give you a ship back home.” We started slowly backing away. Myron Van Buren pulled out a horn. “The hunt… IS ON!!!”

pupterboyandcaptainboyTHE END

Poptropica Police Force – Cap Boy & Puter Boy

Chapter 1 – Episode 2

Crack! Thunder rumbled as rain hit the window. Smart Sinker and HP were sitting on the coach. “Hey Spencey Boi, pass me a Pepsi will ya?” Sinker said. “Sure”, I replied as I grabbed the soda out of the fridge. I tossed it to him. “Cap Boy, I was thinking about what you said last week.” Puter told me. “You said you felt fear. What do you mean?” I signaled them to follow me down the hallway to my room. I showed them the computer. “What is it?” SS asked. I opened up my email. It was a message from Holmes Zero. “What of it?” Puter said out loud. “He’s reformed his evil past.” I slapped HP on the back of the head. “What the email says, fruit loop.” It read: SO YOU FRUIT LOOPS THINK THAT YOU HAD THE LAST OF ME. WELL I’M BACK FOR GOOD. A MAN NAMED DR. JUPITER BAILED ME OUT. Your enemy, DR.HARE

“Son of a Big Mac!” Smart Sinker shouted, “How does he keep coming back?” “I’m more confused as to how he got his evil totem back.” I said. “What matters is we take his fuzzy, cuddly, adorable butt down!” Puter said to both of us. “We should alert the PIA!” I told them reaching for the phone. A creepy voice picked up. “Hello, Spencey Wencey calling?” I gulped. “Yea, its me. I tapped their phone lines. I hacked into their most wanted files too. Did some things. Doesn’t matter.” Puter rolled his eyes and grabbed the phone. “Listen, Buddy. You leave the world of Poptropica alone–or me and my friends here will.” “Okay bro, just shut up. I want something and I will do anything I can to have it. It was SS’s turn to grab the phone. “How are you STILL evil?” Dr.Hare giggled. “Hours of watching Barney on PBS Kids. Doesn’t matter. Anywhale lets get to what I want.”

What does Dr. Hare want? What’s up with Barney? Will HP get a girlfriend? (probably not) Will my wife file for full custody over the kids? Why am I even telling you this? Tune in to episode 3 of Cap Boy anddddd Puter Boy!!



Poptropica Police Force – Cap-Boy and Puter-Boy

Chapter 1 Episode 1 – Breathe

New York City. The City that never sleeps. There are stories about this city. Some real, and some that just haven’t happened yet. I was talking waiting for HP to get me my coffee. Black with no sugar is how I like it. “What’s wrong, Cap-Boy?” the man himself asked. “Nothing.” I replied as I sipped my coffee staring into the distance. “You just seem a little off.” he said looking down. “I’m scared, Puter-Boy. For the first time in my life, I feel fear.” HP spit out his coffee. Light with extra sugar is how he liked it. He always seemed so… happy. “Spence, do you hear yourself? You’re the toughest guy I know. What’s got you so jumpy?” I was about to answer, until we heard gunshots. It came from the Poptropica Bank. It was Huge Bite! He was just a BOL! He was holding up the bank! It was a robbery. “Fruit loop didn’t even wear a mask.” Puter said in a funny tone. I grabbed the microphone. “Huge Bite, if you threaten to shoot any of the hostages, I will be forced to shoot.” HP grabbed the phone out of my hand. ‘Y-yea!” he said. Two shots rang out. One scream. A police car showed up. An older looking man walked out with a gun loaded in his hand. “Hello boys, this is our problem now.” Dizzy Fox they called him. “Detective Fox, what gives you the authori-” He caught me mid-sentence, showing off his PIA badge. He ran right into the bank. Is he a fool? He’s going to get himself killed! BOOM! BANG! POW! He walked of the bank with Huge Bite’s hands in cuffs. It ended up he accidentally fired his gun once and he shot it by accident again. Nobody was harmed. “How does he do it, Spencer?” Puter-Boy said out of jealousy and anger. I put my coffee cup on the car. I started walking away. ” I don’t know, Puters. I just don’t know.”




The Chronicles of Darth Lizard: Episode 1

Hello! Hope you enjoy my new story.

Episode 1: The Poptropican Menace

Darth Lizard was sitting with Holmes Zero, discussing the secret depths of the sea. Holmes Zero suddenly sensed something in the depths of the cyberspace.. .he shrugged it off.

While the PPN worked, Holmes System X and Zero were confused. Their respective superiors were in a secret meeting, so Holmes Zero looked in the security camera footage to catch words. They were talking about the secrets they never learned at training.. Holmes Zero set out to confront them…

Next episode soon!

The Tales of Two Icicles, Season Two, Episode 2

Episode 2

Slippery Icicle

I was walking through the house. It was empty. “Mom? Dad?” I called. No answer. “B.F?” Nothing. I ran out to SD’s house, nobody answered the door. Same with Nameless. B.F and SD weren’t at their makeout point either. [Everybody knows what you two do in that apartment, guys. No use denying it. Watch your mouth, B.F.] I tried calling Speedy, but his phone was off.

I was all alone. And then I heard it.

“Lost, Ms. Icicle?”

I whipped around, a sense of dread forming in my stomach. I knew that voice.

There was Ringmaster Raven. What was he holding?

He leered at me. I sputtered. “I thought you were dead!” He threw his head back and cackled. “You hoped,” he corrected. “But don’t worry,” he said. “Somebody did die in that incident.” He ripped open what appeared to be a burlap sack and showed me what was inside.

The broken body of Cuddly Lion.

I retched and sick splattered all over the pavement. Raven laughed even louder. He grew into the monster he had been the last time I had seen him.

Then huge feet came bounding by me. It was Uncle Axe. “Run, Slip!” he yelled. “I’ll hold him off!” He was the size of a fifty-foot building.

My head was spinning, I had so many questions and so few answers.  Raven and Uncle Axe collided with a ‘bang’ like a gunshot, and started struggling against each other’s force. My uncle turned to me, fire in his eyes. “Go!” he yelled.

I wasn’t proud of it, but I ran.

And I woke up in a cold sweat. I swore violently, beads of sweat plastering my dark brown hair to my forehead. To test, I pinched myself, then screamed silently. Then I texted Speedy-and of course he replied immediately. Okay. I was awake.

I scrambled down the stairs as I heard voices and looked around. Everybody was there that had been there yesterday. I had to conceal a grin-when we were little, we always threw temper tantrums about how our birthdays were too short, so we started an Icicle family tradition-birthweeks. We celebrated their birthday for an entire week, Sunday to Friday, the week of our birthday. Each day was dedicated to a different thing.

I checked the calendar. Right. Yesterday had been family. The schedule is very well organized, same for every birthweek-Sunday is family, when you spend time with the family (and girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, anyone really close) so we talked, played board games, found the occasional long-lost family member-and I’m not making that up. Uncle Axe wasn’t the first-but that’s a different story.

Monday-today-was treats. Basically all day we pigged out on sodas, cakes, cupcakes, brownies-my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Trust me, you haven’t LIVED ’till you’ve tried Dad’s cupcakes. Yeah, you probably think it’s weird that such a tough guy makes baked sweets, right? Well, try them. You’ll shut up and stop complaining if you do, I swear.

Tuesday is What’s New With You. All day we reflect on what we’ve done over the past year, give speeches, whatever. Man, that was gonna be a big day.

Wednesday is Do What You Want. The birthweek person chooses what to do all day, within reason. For example, bowling, reading (like BF’s ever read a book on his own choice), etc.

Thursday is one of my favorites-game day. We play games. Well, duh. But not cheesy board games or Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Pfft, no. I’m talking stuff like the newest horror games, comedy games, whatever. We have a ton of consoles that came from the birthweek Thursday.

Friday is the party. The birthweek person can invite up to 30 non-family people for whatever kind of party they want-whether it’s big and loud and screamy or quiet and family only and simple. Knowing BF, it’ll be the first one.

And Saturday has always been BF’s favorite. Presents. I know BF. I know he was listening to me as I talked to SD about her present for BF. Trust me, I’ve lived with him for fourteen years. I know him.

SD and BF were sitting together, sipping sodas, BF with an extremely satisfied look on his face. The adults stood talking happily in the corner, and I felt my phone buzz.

“Be right over ~Speedy”

I smiled and shoved my phone in my pocket. Then I frowned and realized there was one more person missing. I walked into the kitchen and there he was.

His head was sweating from the heat of the oven as he pulled out a cake, and pancakes sizzled on the stove. But he saw me and grinned.

“Hello, dear,” said Uncle Axe. “Want a cupcake?” He offered me one and I giggled.

“Uncle Axe, I haven’t even had breakfast yet. Mom’ll get ticked.” He winked at me. “Don’t worry, it’ll be out little secret.” I hugged him and took a bite of the cupcake and my eyes went wide.

It was like my mouth had exploded with flavor. I quickly ate the rest and stared at him. His smile wavered. “Don’t-don’t you like it?” he asked, looking hurt. I shook my head. “No, I don’t like it.” He went back to flipping pancakes and didn’t see my wide grin. “I love it!” He looked at me. “No joke?”

I shook my head. “These are even better than Dad’s!” He laughed. “Where do you think he learned? He asked me what my sister liked the day before their wedding and I taught him how to make them.”

I shifted uneasily. I wanted to ask him two things. First-the easy one. “Uncle Axe?” I asked quietly. “Mmm?” he said, mouth full of pancake.

“Why do you talk like an old man?”

He froze for a second and swallowed his pancake. I was afraid I had asked a touchy question. Then he roared with laughter.

“You’ve got spunk, Slip!” he said, still laughing. He wiped the pancake off his mouth, chuckling, and stopped before answering my question. “My father taught me to talk like that,” he said. “Your mother never listened to him. If anything, she was a little more like your brother as a girl. Of course, when you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you change…” his smile faded. I gulped, because we were getting close to what I wanted to ask anyway. Full steam ahead, I guess. “And, uh, how…how did you get that…leg problem? And the Purple Heart?”

Now there wasn’t even a trace of a smile. “That’s for another time, Slip. Maybe tomorrow, in my speech. No guarantees.” Then he looked as though he’d like to be alone for a while, and luckily the doorbell rang at that moment. I murmured something about going to see Speedy, and left the room. I opened the door, still preoccupied, and greeted Speedy and his parents.

Speedy walked over to BF and sat down. “Happy birthday-again,” he said, grinning. BF actually laughed. “Family tradition. My REAL birthday was yesterday, but I still get this.” He waved a hand at the entire room, smiled, and handed Speedy a soda then apparently realized he was being too friendly and advised Speedy to go “play a video game or make out with Slip or something.” Speedy punched him then came over to me and asked if I wanted one too. I shook my head, apparently too quickly. He stopped grinning. “What’s wrong, Slip?” he asked, looking worried. It was almost like I was half asleep. I shook my head once to clear it and said “Hmm? Oh, nothing. Just thinking.” He shrugged and snatched a pancake from the table. “Sure?” he said, chewing. I laughed. “You, Speedy Tomato, are a pig.” He pulled up his nose and started shoving the pancake in his mouth quickly and repeated until he said he felt like barfing, went into the bathroom, and left me there gasping for breath.

The doorbell rang again. I ran to answer it and instead of two people, like I expected, there were nine. I gaped as I recognized only four of them. Nameless, her parents, GS, some people I assumed were his parents, and a girl I had never seen before standing behind Nameless and next to her parents, I guess.

“Nameless, who is she?” I asked, gesturing to the person behind her, who I now noticed was wearing a pink beret. She pulled me aside. “Tha’s my cousin,” she said. “Fierce Popper.” I looked at the girl, twirling her hair between her fingers.

“Is she nice?” I asked. Nameless nodded. “Very. She’s a good person.” I shrugged. “Well, I guess if she’s your friend-” “-she is-” “-then she’s my friend too.”

Nameless smiled and went over to talk to Fierce. Yes, that’s what I’m calling her. You think every one of us has to have a cool nickname? Hahaha, no.

Fierce walked in and I introduced her to everyone. She waved, and she was clearly enjoying the attention. Her parents said hi to me and thanked me for being so nice to her, but I assured that I genuinely meant it.

Then Uncle Axe walked out and Fierce’s eyes grew large. She said something like “bathroom” and shot out of the room as fast as her legs woud take her. I frowned. She didn’t even know where our bathroom was.

Why had she run off like that when Uncle Axe came?