copycat.exe Virus Resolved

Hey rookies, as you may have noticed, the “copycat.exe” virus has been resolved! We are so happy that we can continue protecting the community. As a result of this virus patching, we had to re-post all of our past posts – please disregard them and delete them from your emails if you were subscribed. As we rebuild the site, please be patient. πŸ™‚ Thank you, and you can catch up the happenings concerning the copycat virus hereΒ and here.



New Virus Threat

Hi Gs,

I have some very bad news — we’ve been infected with a virus. It’s name is “copycat.exe”, and it keeps duplicating and duplicating — our database has gone over our file limit, and I’m afraid that WordPress might shut us down soon unless we can find a solution. We currently have over 40,000 “copycat.exe”s on our system, as shown below. I’ll keep you guys posted. 😦



Mythology SUI, Disappearing Apples, and wait… AVATAR STUDIO!

Greetings, pixelated people! The Mythology SUI, with updated soundtracks and a bigger screen, is now out for members! Click here to play the quest if you’re a member, sadly Non-members cannot play it just yet. If you’re in need of a guide, HP made a video walk through that you can view below. πŸ™‚

Some new features on the new Mythology SUI is the slowed down River Styx (still just as hard, actually harder in SUI form), easier Red Eyed Snake game, which I still don’t know why is easier but just is, and they also added a new question in the Aphrodite quiz — Hint: the answer is Apollo. πŸ˜‰

The item that we all love and know, Avatar Studio recently disappeared from the store. I assume they’re going to edit Shark Boy out and replace it with Dr. Hare, as they did with Daily Pop.


The Applebee Promocode costumes are both gone; the Applebees Glasses were already missing from the Glasses Costume, but now the apple is gone too! Credit to HCM for noticing the disappearance of The Applebees Costumes




The Winners: Part 2 (& answers to the contest!)

If you haven’t already read the first winners post, check it out to see if you won! πŸ˜€

  1. cheeseburger4567890 — Wins Tropical Sunglasses (& other stuff)
  2. MonslLivs3 — Wins Monkey Ears (& other stuff)
  3. Slippery Raptor — Wins Medallion Necklace (& other stuff)

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, we’ll be sending the account info to you soon!

Answers to the Contest

If you’ve been wondering what the answers to the contest were and where you could find them, first let’s look at the first segment of the contest. We didn’t have many correct entries for this because it was so hard to find, but sure enough its in the code — the source code!



After you scroll for a while, you’ll come across the html for the post itself. Secretly embedded are three codes to win the contest! Of course, the contest is over and if you enter nothing will happen. πŸ˜‰



The second segment is simply finding all the goofs, and I’ve uncovered them all in the pictures below;

Thanks to everyone for participating! πŸ˜€


The Winners: Part 1

It’s been a wild ride over the past months — we’ve gained a staggering 5,000 hits (and counting), we’ve made tons of new pages, wrote fan fictions, and been overly creative. Thank you. πŸ™‚

But who cares about that? Let’s announce the winners of the first part of the contest!!

  1. Thierry — Wins Mermaid Tail (& other stuff)
  2. Big Shark — Win Scared Mouth (& other stuff)
  3. Raqk — Wins No-Mouth (& other stuff)

Congrats to the winners, we’ll be sending the credentials to the accounts to their emails soon! πŸ˜€