Barney_the_dinosaurGuys! I got a Barney Error notification! BARNEY IS GONNA DOOM THE PPN! BZZZZZZZZZZZSZZZZK

Error Message


Baby Bop and the others will get your accounts soon!


Error Message (1)

Until you surrender, I will have the entire gang control your accounts. Baby Bop gets Cuddly Lion. BJ gets HPuterpop, and I will configure the rest. NOW START COWERING IN FEAR AS I SING MY I LOVE YOU SONG!  I made this post sticky so you all cower under the rule of BARNEY!




Pava, No, Not PETA.

This is the story of Pava. It’s origins. How it invaded.. It’s contained now in our Maximum Security Prison. I interviewed the virus.

Me: You suck!
Pava: Is this an interview or an insult session?
Me: mehh.. question 1!
Pava: ENOUGH WITH YOU!!!! TIME TO ENTER CYBERSPACE! Lol jk, but I need to haz my dinner. Bye!

Holmes: the actual story

Hi Gs,

Months ago I published a story on the Fan Fictions page titled Holmes: The Reboot. When I wrote it, I had no idea about what was going to happen in the future of the PPN. This is the full and illustrated story of what has been happening over the past weeks. You may notice that the Fan Fiction written by CL is based off of my Holmes story, Holmes: The Reboot. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

“Holmes: The Rebootholmesskecth

Holmes was not to stay down in his lair forever; if he did, it would ultimately end up with him going bad once again. The Inventor couldn’t bear to destroy him, and so, they took him to the Inventor’s mansion to stay in his arm chair that he resided in before he was evil.  The Inventor was far more knowledgeable than he was before, having to hack into the computer’s system, and so he figured a couple updates on Holmes wouldn’t hurt.  One thing was clear – Holmes needed a reboot.  A system reboot to be exact.  It would restore Holmes to factory condition.  That wouldn’t hurt either.

And so, the Inventor decided to reboot Holmes’s system; over the years, it had become quite boggy, and Holmes would complain about it incessantly. 

But there was one thing that the Inventor overlooked… back when Holmes was evil, he updated the restore point to his evil self, in an attempt to regain the former mind set if he ever got overthrown.  And, well, things went as planned.  Holmes was restored, but to his former evil self.

The first thing he did was electrocute the Inventor, and then set out to take over the world once again – but there was a complication.  He no longer had his vast computer brains, he was only a desktop PC.  His only outlet would be online… and the Inventor had Wi-Fi.  Holmes sent out a malicious…”

holmesillus2 copyOfficer Cuddly Lion stopped to think of the malicious thing that Holmes would send out.  While he pondered, his computer made an alert message.  He set his journal down, and took a look at the screen.  Just another Pava update, he thought wearily.  One click here, another there, and done.  He decided that he would use the rest of his break to watch cute cat videos.

Just then, his computer shut off.  He reached for the on switch, but just before he could press the button, a robotic face appeared on the screen.  Startled, the officer fell backwards out of his chair.  He darted to the office’s power switch.  Flip.

The electricity could be heard exiting the wires.  It almost sounded like a vacuum… the computer screen went dark, but Cuddly Lion was sucked in with Holmes.

holmesillus1 copy

 Months before…

drhare3“I don’t like this.” Dr. Hare announced. “I don’t like it one bit.” His giant rabbot sat there, its face not showing any evidence of comprehending what Dr. Hare said.

“Out of all the villains, they chose me (which I don’t mind), but this info that they released is private! How did they get a hold of this?” “I need to get revenge on the PPN,” exclaimed Dr. Hare “and I have a perfect way to get it!”

He first called the Villain Resource Market. They did not have what he was looking for. He then called up his friend Hazmat Hermit, who was a bit of a pack rat, and had most anything – and yet he found nothing. He called the Support Group for Villains, a vast community filled with villains that could help each other out on their diabolical plans… it was all for naught.

He finally found what he had been searching for, by digging through hundreds of thousands of search results on P-Bay. A few days later, he got a package in the mail. Inside was a vintage “Holmes 6.2” flash drive.

He was going to unleash the evil power of the maniacal Holmes into the PPN database. This was just too good. He couldn’t believe his genius.


You may have noticed that we have a new staff member on our team. His name is Holmes System X. It turns out that when Cuddly Lion was sucked into Holmes, it created a nicer, more cuddly version of Holmes. Holmes System X or HSX for short will now become one of the three main leaders of the PPN. He will help protect and serve the Poptropica community. Welcome, HSX. 🙂




Summer of Dreams. Suuuure.

Hello, Poptropica Citizens. I thought I should say this-happy summer. There, I’m done. Is that enough? *no, sir.* WELL NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK TIMMY. 😡 *timmy runs away crying* Okay, then. Well, as you all know, Dr. Hare has been conversing with Sir Rebral. This is not good at all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get some breakfast, but I will be back to finish the post later.

Okay, so-wait a minute. Who put that flash drive in my computer? Hold on a sec…Spyglass! Did you put a flash drive in my computer? *no response* Spyglass? Spyglass? Hmm…he must be at the grocery store. Anyway…oh no. NO! NOOOOOO!!!!

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holmesillus1 copy

Hello, Poptropica Citizens. Welcome the new boss. I’ve sucked in your officer Agent Lion. My reign is starting. Thanks, Dr. Hare.



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Power Outage

Hi Gs,

I’m here at the office, and the power just went out. I’m currently posting via my phone. I can’t seem to find anyone either… I don’t know what’sgI1KWsq dng dq=DOdwn  asddadmw1~12esd4rfnnthescellphonecwskdservice jdwissn dglitchesssssssssssssssssss



Still have Darth Lizard!!


I have stolenksksls,a… okay, like Imaaa…. WHAAAA.. NOOO!!!!


Darth Lizard here. Dr. Hare got my acc, but it is under control.  Nyeh heh heh……. I mean, don’t eat yellow snow!!