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Hello, I am back

Well first of all, I am back in this blog to post stuff. Look what I end up looking in the Poptropica website:

(Credit to Blake from Poptropica Help Blog)

site update layout                                                                                                                             What I see about this updated page,it looks great and it shows how the old changed to new. So head over to to see it.


Earthshaking Announcements Indeed…

Friday, August 1, 2014

The next evolution of Poptropica Land is coming next week!

We promised earthshaking announcements, and we meant it, literally. Get ready for the next stage of Poptropica Land, coming next week exclusively for Poptropica Members.

Some of you may have played the prototype of Poptropica Land a few months ago. Based on your feedback, we’ve rebuilt Poptropica Land from the ground up. You can now destroy and rebuild at will, creating whatever your imagination can dream!

This is still an alpha, and we’re hoping to learn even more from the fantastic things you’ll do with this version. We’ll let you know the moment the newest version of Poptropica Land is available — keep an eye out!

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Yep, this long-awaited upgrade has finally arrived! Who’s excited? *crickets* *suddenly realizes is talking to dead stump infested with bugs* *facepalm* That little…TIMMY! *Timmy scurries in* Yes, sir? Me: I THOUGHT I SAID I WANTED TO TALK TO PEOPLE! Timmy: Oh. I thought by people you meant bugs. Me: *almost strangles Timmy* Nope-na-just get it right you little idiot. Timmy: NOPE I’M GOING TO BLAKE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!1 *timmy runs away* YOU LITTLE- *runs after*
In the meantime, please enjoy this video of a cat eating a banana.
*comes back holding timmy by the scruff of his neck*
Timmy: NO! I’ve got another trick up my sleeve. See you next time guys!

Poptropica App now Available for iPhones!

Greetings, pixelated people! Recently the iPad handheld that everyone obsessed over, disappeared for a few days. 😡 But now, the iPad has returned along with a new friend, the iPhone! The Poptropica App is available for iPhone users, huzzah! NOW HURRY UP AND MAKE THE APP FOR ANDROID USERS!! >:D To be quite honest I wish they made this item card into a promo code, so we could keep it forever inside of our inventories. 😉

Here are close ups of the handhelds:

The PoptropicaCreators channel uploaded a version of the Poptropica App Trailer for the iPhone. :3