Administrative – Staff Bios

Welcome to the Administrative Division

The Administration Division is responsible for the management of the daily operations of the Poptropica Police Network. All policies, procedures, department goals, and objectives are implemented through this division.

Chief of Police – Squeezy Wing (AKA Gamer Guy) – Administrator

I love Poptropica, my username is sleepypanda81. My favorite color is light blue, and I know many cool tricks for Poptropica.

Deputy Chief of Police – Messy Sinker (AKA HPuterpop) – Administrator

I am a doodler, a monster, an author, an editor! I am a renaissance kid! My name is Andrew Wiles, although you can call me HPuterpop, or HP. Lets just say there are multiple names for a multi-capable kid! I love to draw, write, edit, or anything else creative. Check out my links, websites, Poptropica blogs, and what not for more Andrew Awareness. I’m always doing something, so stay tuned to me for awesomeness everywhere you look! As an outro, here’s a lost phrase of mine: I will always be doodling; I will doodle ’til I die.

Network Security – Holmes System X (AKA HSX) – Administrator

This is Holmes System X, the new and improved version. I am the backbone of this organization and wired for excellence. My network is far reaching and my officers are first rate. The PPN will continue their vigilance to keep the Poptropica Community safe from the evil that is lurking around every corner.

Duties: HSX is responsible for safeguarding data held by the PPN through monitoring the security of websites, applications, computers, networks, and databases. HSX provides support and maintenance of Pop Intrusion Detection (PID), Pop Intrusion Prevention (PIP) security controls, and the portal for the Pop Citizen Reporting System (PCRS).

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