Dr. Hare

dr hareDr. Hare is the first official villain of Poptropica.  With over 3 appearances and cameos from multiple islands, he is rumored to be one of the most popular villains of all time! Learn about his mutation, Creator alias, origin, and more on this page!


Dr. Hare’s creator alias is Jordan Leary.  He has been a character in three islands; 24 Carrot Island, Reality TV Island, and Super Villain Island.  He is perhaps the most popular villain of the digital world, being featured in the Lego Cuusoo Project, having his island the first to have sound, having a mini quest, etc.  He was supposedly lost to space before being reincarnated by Super Villain Island — and, because you take the evil totem out of him in the island, he is probably good.


There is no known official origin of Dr. Hare, although a wid ely accepted fan fiction by Sticky Clown is a good read and nothing else has been said about this fiction that says it’s wrong —

Dr. Harvey Hare was born on Dec. 6th, 1982, on Shark Tooth Island. He had an extraordinary intelligence of all sciences, especially in chemistry. He was #1 in his school and #1 in the entire island! The National Institutes of Silly Sciences, or N.I.S.S., admired him, and when he was 21, they made him a member of them, thus making him the youngest Poptropican to be a N.I.S.S. member.

Read more here.


Although some theories suggest he is really half hare in his body, this statement from Reality TV island proves them wrong:

I am too fast for you. My rabbit suit is built for speed!

It says rabbit suit.  But what about his teeth?  From Sticky Clown’s fan fiction, his brain is half mutated with a bunny, not his body.  It also says that before he was evil, he looked like a rabbit, thus his nickname was Funny Bunny.  Buck teeth was probably just a human trait he had before the accident.

To beat Doctor Hare in 24 Carrot Island, launch his rabbot and destroy it by smashing it into meteors.
In Super Villain Island, get the Diamond Drill from the Binary Bard’s dream and use it to drill down far enough until you find the Golden Carrot Totem, then travel to the surface.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Hare

  1. Dr.Hare is a cool villain! We shall take over poptropica!!! Right drhare?! BWAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I ❤ Dr. Hare! This page is awesome! So is he! When I got his plush toy for my birthday, I was in heaven!!
    () ()
    *( )

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