Most Wanted List

Most Wanted List Logo

Attention Officers: Network Alerts for the Most Wanted List 

APB = All Points Bulletin 

BOL = Be On The Look-Out 

ATL = Attempt To Locate 

02/12/14 APB for Poptropica Citizen Darth Lizard  Released from questioning, false alarm.

most wanted darth

Not Guilty.

Sighting: The Popflop

Dispatching officer to investigate post concerning network virus. Alert! Alert!

3/23/2014 APB For Poptropica Citizen Huge Bite/Delivery Pigeon – BOL


Sighting: The PHC

Planning to capture Detective Specialist Dragon from our patrol!

 3/31/2014 APB For Poptropica Citizen Chiockenman – ATL

36 thoughts on “Most Wanted List

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  4. Are viewers allowed to report? because there is this guy called chiokenman or something like that who does rude comments, and when his comment isn’t rude, its just him going CHIOKENMAN a bunch of times.

    • Don’t worry, Super Popper will save you! Just kidding 😉 That was the name of one of my accounts, as me as a super hero..

  5. He says in response to Gamer Guy’s post: ” Finally someone agrees. I will come here every day to get tips on MFB instead of that dumb ‘poptropica’ game. Good Luck Gamer Guy! !!11one11!!” Creepy…

    • You’re in leage with pava?? How is that even possible? (are you just kidding or something) and isn’t making a missing poster good? I dunno wat that has to do with pava… If you are working for pava can I interview you 😀 that would make a good story for the crime watch club *wink wink* Sound like a plan Lula4schmidt? 🙂 (oh and btw not to be rude but its spelled admit. you prob were just typing fast like I do a lot 🙂 )

      • Hey monsliv, I was wondering if you had any other usernames?

        ~~ BWAHAHAHAH (signature)


      • Oh, yes! Theres my main account, Monslivs3, my first account Monslivs2, and my other one Monslivs33. I did them a lot alike so that I could remember them :b My main account is the one ive been a member on etc. At the moment shes wearing a REALLY creepy outfit for CL’s scary contest. Thanks for asking 🙂

      • Thanks, and I have to ask, do you mind me friending them ? XD

        ~~ BWAHAHAHAH (signature)


    • @lula4schmidt

      wait what? u r working for pava? isn’t that a made-up thing? (read the policy-the ppn is entirely for entertainment purposes. this is a role-playing website and is completely fictious…) And how can you capture spotted dragon? and I don’t really want to turn you in for nothing but I did because you told me to. I told them that you did nothing wrong but insisted that you wanted to be turned in… IM SO CONFUSED! can you explain?

  6. Ad me to the most wanted villains! He,he,he! Im secretly working with……..someone……… i might be a cop one day but for now i am a villain! Catch me if you can!!!

  7. Getting glitches from a undisclosed source and leaking them on the internet… doesn’t seem evil.

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