Holmes: The Reboot

Holmes was not to stay down in his lair forever; if he did, it would ultimately end up with him going bad once again. The Inventor couldn’t bare to destroy him, and so, they took him to the Inventor’s mansion to stay in his arm chair that he resided in before he was evil. The Inventor was far more knowledgeable than he was before, having to hack into the computer’s system, and so he figured a couple updates on Holmes wouldn’t hurt. One thing was clear – Holmes needed a reboot. A system reboot to be exact. It would restore Holmes to factory condition. That wouldn’t hurt either.

And so, the Inventor decided to reboot Holmes’s system; over the years, it had become quite boggy, and Holmes would complain about it incessantly.

But there was one thing that the Inventor overlooked… back when Holmes was evil, he updated the restore point to his evil self, in an attempt to regain the former mind set if he ever got overthrown. And, well, things went as planned. Holmes was restored, but to his former evil self.

The first thing he did was electrocute the Inventor, and then set out to take over the world once again – but there was a complication. He no longer had his vast computer brains, he was only a desktop PC. His only outlet would be online… and the Inventor had Wi-Fi.

To Be Continued…


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