Police Lounge


Officers and Citizens – Kick back and relax in the police lounge. Discuss Poptropica and nontopica topics.

Lounge and Chat Rules:

1. Keep it clean. No curse words or spamming — i.e. gibberish, excessive smileys, exclamation points, or symbols and acronyms that represent profanity.

2. Be respectful and kind to each other — NO flaming — i.e. insults, name-calling, or any outright hostility directed at a specific person.

3. Please do not promote yourself or your blog in the comments.

4. Even though the lounge and chat can be off topic, keep comments together and don’t post random conversation this is not relevant to the discussion.

5. Remember that the chat is not private and can be viewed by anyone. Please do not post personal information and information that would not be considered appropriate for this blog.

Any questions Poptropican Citizens? If so, contact your friendly police staff for answers!

Now are you ready to chat? Use the sidebar on the home page or go here for a full screen version. 😀


~~Enjoy the camaraderie and have a great time!~~



22 thoughts on “Police Lounge

    • Hey lula4schmidt! Can Cop-E-Cat and I interview you because we are confused about Frozen5 and you claiming that you have commited crimes and we don’t get it…?

  1. Hey CL maybe I should comment here from now on 😛 also I put my ideas for the pop fan-fic on the PPNC! 🙂

    • ok so my fan-fic is called “Somewhere above the Grid” and CL I have a few questions-Which name do you like best~ White Carrot, Gentle Hamburger, Fearless Sword, Short Shell, or other and which island is your fave! I figured out the story and its different from the storyline I put in the PPNC. (Ill tell u about it when I finish chapter 1)

      • OOOH I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS! Want me to tell you about my story CL, or should I give you chap 1 when its finished some-how or something? 😀

      • Somewhere above the Grid
        Long Ago in ancient gate an ancient city lay await for two poptropicans yet to find and free the captives of the mind. In a city fresh and new poptropicans lived both loyal and true. Their city prospered and gifted were many, from singing to art, joy was plenty. One day when the city was fast asleep 4 villains arose without a peep. A binary jester whos name was bard and a bunny of science, both little and hard. A captain was there and an art theif to to carve out the tale I speak to you. All was good until that day, the day poptropica fell astray.

      • CHAPTER 1

        BEEP BEEP BEEP! I woke up with a shudder. Winter mornings in Monster Carnival Island were always brutal. Stupidly, I slammed all of my weight onto the alarm clock, setting off the radio. On 100 max volume. This scared the heck out of me. I slipped on my blanket in the shock and fell to the floor with a crash. Ouch. As I held my head, a piece of paper smacked my face. I tried to reach my arm up to grab it, but my body was dangling every which way. When I finally regained my composure, I caught hold of the piece of paper. MAY 16th, it read. “May 16th…” I mumbled. “OH MY GOSH IS THAT TODAY!?!” I ran downstairs and hurried to finish my breakfast. CL and I had been waiting for May 16th our whole lives…. Oops. Hold Everything. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is White Carrot, and I like Exploring, Collecting, Competing, Creating and Problem Solving… Pretty normal for a Poptropican. My best friend is Cuddly Lion. (but I call him CL) Anyways…and I had been waiting for this day our whole lives! It was the day we would be more than just Poptropicans, We would be Creators. Well, Almost.

        This is Part 1 of Chap 1. I put it in Parts cause I get tired of re-typing something I already wrote, and I don’t want to max out the comment box 😛

  2. Oh and BTW there is a new mythology outfit in the store and they updated mythology with a trailer and all… we are probably gonna get a PCB post about that soon, and I am guessing that they are gonna do that with all the old islands before they turn them into SUIs. (add costumes and trailers and update the page and then make them SUIS) just guessing…

  3. Hi everyone! Im having a multiverse party! The code is BZM83. Wear your best outfit and I will judge. The best costume gets the account tariel509. (you can look it up in the avatar studio to see it.) Hope you can make it! 🙂

    • ok the party is over! Cuddly Lion’s Clone won, and Neat Bee won Second for the loch ness monster costume 🙂 thanx to all for coming 🙂

      • Hey CL we r having another party! NB and I r judging. 🙂 there r prizes 🙂 AGJ68

      • I’m in the car and I’m not done helping my (75 year old) neighbor in the garden yet…..

        ~~ BWAHAHAHAH (signature)


  4. Hey members how is atlantis? It looks epic! Did u meet any sea-monsters or mermaids? 😛 this island really reminds me if Lunar Colony. (Im not a member though but from what ive seen) My thoughts on Survival and episodic~ Survival was good but howling in the background was annoying, it was kinda short, and its not a REAL poptropica island… Its pretty much just doing stuff… but im glad that the creators are trying something new 🙂 its brave to do that and plus we havent seen it all 😛 same for episodic, it seems like they are ALL gonna be like that, more action less plot etc.

  5. CL wanna chat? I saw I just missed you… AGAIN! my bro is hogging my laptop for minecraft… one more biome and ill scream. Hes done now so im free 🙂

  6. anyone wanna chat? PHC or PPNC is fine. or the top pop chat, I don’t care where, but anybody wanna chat? 🙂

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