Crime Watch Club


The Crime Watch Club is a cooperative effort of pop citizens and PPN officers working together to protect the Poptropican community. Members of a Crime Watch Club are not asked to be vigilantes or to assume the role of the police but to assist officers by observing and reporting suspicious activity here.

Welcome New Members! Please introduce yourself in the comments and why you want to be a part of this club!

CWC Member Roster:

  • Neat Bee
  • Monslivs3
  • Lula4schmidt
  • Giant Egg
  • Blue Boot
  • Smart Sinker
  • Big Kid

18 thoughts on “Crime Watch Club

  1. Hi, I’m Monslivs3. I love Poptropica, and you can friend me at monslivs3. My favorite villain is Dr.Hare. I would like to help you officers stop crimes. Sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. Hey officers- Huge Bite was spotted on the PHB, and gamer guy took over the PHB and it’s REALLY creepy, and I think its an april fools joke. If its not a joke, then huge bite is teaming up with gamer guy! (see his comment on gamer guys first post) or this is some kind of blog interlinking ruse or something! Sorry for long comment!

    • How can you help copy-cat? Can someone explain all this?? And lula4schmidt, on the most wanted list you commented that u joined pava and tried to capture SD… How… What… Why….When…. Where??? IM SO CONFUSED Hey officers can u guys look into all this?!?

  3. Hello Im Giant Egg . you can friend me at tom10293.I would like to be part of the club too.I haven’t seen huge bite lately.I think he might beup to something

  4. This is not a crime,but i found a glitch a while ago and it said there is going to be a poptropica trading card game…..that’s kinda suspicious…….

  5. I am Big Kid and I would like to join because I often see people spamming and stuff and now I can do something about it.

  6. Hi! I am Perfect Coyote, an avid Poptropican. I have a website, but I love this website! My favorite villains are Dr. hare and Black Widow. I would love to stop crime. 🙂

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